Latest Past Events

Amrut Darshan

At Our Boutique

In this auspicious month of Purshottam, we unveiled remarkable creations of nature – 5 naturally mined idols imbued with decades of history and divine energy. These unique idols stand as the sole of their kind in the entire world. The collection featured naturally mined idols, including the Quartz Shimmering Vartavinayaka, Om Ganesha, Shivlinga with a Yoni of crystal, 7 Trunk Ganesha of white crystal, and Tirupati Balaji of Rhinestone.

Kitty Event

At Our Boutique

We hosted a special kitty party where all the wonderful ladies received a complete makeover and had a great time.

Father’s Day – Men’s Collection Launch

At Our Boutique

We unveiled our unique men's collection, with esteemed guests Shri Mohan Bhai Patel & Smt Nisha Sagar gracing the occasion.