Now makes it possible
Rraaj Gharana Gems & Jewels Pvt Ltd has now made it possible with Sampradaay Investment Plan. Rraaj Gharana Gems & Jewels Pvt Ltd believes in KalpaVriksh; which signifies Sukh, Shanti & Samridhi in ones lives. We are here to create the same for our members and help each member bloom in their own form as a ‘leaf’ linking it to another one making your dreams come to reality and believe to be your trusted jeweler. So why wait when the path to your dreams is offering you the best.


For just Rs. 25,000/- every month over a 12 month period. Have a blissful experience of buying your desired jewelry with Rraaj Gharana Gems & Jewels Pvt Ltd.
This Plan will give peaceful memorable moments of your aspired jewelry with a monthly installment of Rs. 50,000/for a period of 12 months.
For those with a taste of luxury this plan allows you to embrace the best jewelry with a monthly installment of Rs.1,00,000/- over 12 months.
Experience SIP’s Benefits
We take great delight in providing more than just jewelry at Rraaj Gharana Gems & Jewels Pvt Ltd. Our Sampradaay Investment Plan (SIP) is made to help our members achieve their goals with extra benefits

15% extra on Redemption

India's first and only jeweler to provide you 15% extra on the redemption value.

Trust and Security
Building trust and insuring the safety of your investment, your hard-earned money is secured in a bank as a fixed deposit.
Your Money, Your Peace of Mind
You can relax knowing that Rraaj Gharana Gems & Jewels Pvt Ltd won't use your money until it reaches maturity.
Compound Interest
Take advantage of the compound interest that accumulates on the money that is put in the bank in accordance with bank policy, further increasing your wealth.
Lifetime Jewelry Care
Enjoy the benefit of complimentary lifetime cleaning for your jewelry to keep it sparkling.
Refer and Earn
Share the beauty of SIP with your loved ones and get the chance to earn 1 gram of gold (24kt) for each referral made by you.